Max Sommer, Content-Marketing-Spezialist, Brand Manager und Storytelling-Enthusiast
Max Sommer, Content Marketing & Brand Management

In these days, change is the only constant in terms of marketing and communications. In our fast moving business world, mass media continuously becomes less important, while more and more companies themselves fire up their content machines. They start realizing that the quality of their content is the most crucial focus for marketing and communications. It’s all about providing users relevant content at the right time and via the appropriate communication channel. Content strategy is one of the most important factors when it comes to a company’s brand strategy. This means: the integrated management of both, content and brand, is a key success factor for every business. I describe myself as somebody who understands these complex systematics and who extracts optimization measures. I’m head of the department “Brand & Content Marketing” at the international high tech company Anton Paar and study content strategy in Graz. CONTENT TALES is knowledge hub for all content strategists and marketers, for brand builders and everybody else, who is interested in these topics. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.