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Everybody who is keeping an eye on the marketing and communications industry knows how the importance of content marketing is rapidly growing. Everybody speaks about content marketing, but only a few people know what lies behind. CONTENT TALES provides helpful content for all those who seek plaintext: about content marketing and strategy, about brand communications and everything that’s connected to these topics.

When it comes to establishing or improving content marketing, in the heat of the moment many companies rush their fences and are not aware of one very important aspect: “Your content marketing is only as good as your content strategy is”. This means that content marketing is only one side of the coin. It is the bright, shiny and fancy side, which stands for a lot of creative content and user entertainment.

Content strategy: framework for content marketing

On the other side of that coin, there is content strategy. Within this strategy, it’s all about ensuring that users get relevant content at the right time and via the most suitable communication channel. It’s about identifying the user’s content needs, their customer journeys and their pain points. Within a company, content strategy serves to optimize content management, content creation and content governance workflows in order to become more efficient.

Make content accessible

Besides creating, managing and organizing content, it’s also fundamental to make sure content is accessible. That includes optimization in the fields of user experience (UX) but also in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). While the first one is important for navigating through a company’s content offer, the second one is relevant before the content is seen. SEO means to edit content in a way that a search engine like Google is able to find content and rate it accordingly. The better a search engine is rating content, the better it is ranked. The ranking in the current day is fundamental because of the fact that most users of a company’s website are coming from Google or other search engines.

Content shapes brands

Content strategy is also crucial for companies in terms of brand building. When we look at the term “brand” from a media management point of view, then it’s best described as the sum of values communicated through mass media. These days, brands themselves build huge audiences with the help of many different communication channels and not at least social media. Using consistent communication messages which transport authentic and unique values is important to build and shape a company’s brand. Content strategy helps to get control and govern this process as well as matching business goals with user’s needs.

Keep updated

The days of stupid, nerve-wrecking adverts and non-user-centered content are numbered. Users expect their “love brands” to be relevant and entertaining, trustful and authentic. A good content strategy is the way to get there and stay there. CONTENT TALES serves all content strategists, content marketers, as well as those who want to become one or the other, as a source of first-hand information and a great chance to stay updated regarding these topics. Feel free to share articles and subscribe to CONTENT TALES.

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Max Sommer is a specialist and advisor in the fields of content marketing, content strategy and brand management. He is head of the department "Brand & Content Marketing" at the international high tech company Anton Paar.

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